Take the Correction, Make the Adjustment

Updated: Aug 28

Words like “correction” can create a controversial buzz because many people want to blaze their own trail without proper wisdom and guidance. Today’s world has an ultrasensitive culture. We dare not offend anyone by being brutally honest and speaking the truth.

Correction isn't always received well. For some it’s viewed from negative vantage points – a space of scrutiny. Correction has many layers that are laced with realities meant to push boundaries and provoke change... a change that rectifies inaccuracies, providing substitutes for mistakes. Consequently, adjusting things. I believe correction builds a high level of self-awareness, accountability, and discipline that serves as a conduit to a superior consciousness. This means the more I receive and retain correction, the more aware and accountable I will become. Behind correction is wisdom. It’s designed to help fine tune your character. How many times have you said or heard, “I wish I would have known” or “If I had known, I would have done xyz”? It’s important to know that when someone is c