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Take the Correction, Make the Adjustment

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Words like “correction” can create a controversial buzz because many people want to blaze their own trail without proper wisdom and guidance. Today’s world has an ultrasensitive culture. We dare not offend anyone by being brutally honest and speaking the truth.

Correction isn't always received well. For some it’s viewed from negative vantage points – a space of scrutiny. Correction has many layers that are laced with realities meant to push boundaries and provoke change... a change that rectifies inaccuracies, providing substitutes for mistakes. Consequently, adjusting things. I believe correction builds a high level of self-awareness, accountability, and discipline that serves as a conduit to a superior consciousness. This means the more I receive and retain correction, the more aware and accountable I will become. Behind correction is wisdom. It’s designed to help fine tune your character. How many times have you said or heard, “I wish I would have known” or “If I had known, I would have done xyz”? It’s important to know that when someone is correcting you they sincerely want to activate the best you possible. They see what you can become, with a tweak here and there. Instead of allowing you to journey a long path of figuring things out alone, they're offering a shortcut by sharing their knowledge. When this is accepted, you can access an improved version of yourself. So, accept the correction.

As an athlete or person in any position of development, you must know feedback and criticism is a part of the journey. Your teacher, supervisor, coach, mentor, or trainer doesn’t have time to consider how you may or may not take to their criticism. And they shouldn’t have to. Your feelings are not the most important things. Yes, you’ll feel some type of way, and you have the process that because emotions can be deceiving. Life doesn’t care about your feelings and neither should others when it interferes with honesty that can help you access a higher level of yourself. Each of us needs a level of toughness that prevents us from breaking down and retreating upon criticism. Every leader isn’t going to and should not have to cater to your limitations of tolerance. Just accept the correction.

Those who are sensitive and show defiance towards feedback, hold themselves back from continued improvement. Software never remains at the original version. What does becomes outdated, not being able to compete or meet the needs of others. When developers publish new releases, what does their team do? They analyze, gather feedback, and make adjustments. Ask yourself, “What is my objective?” If you want to be a master, if you want to advance, if you don’t want to remain in the same place- you must be more accepting of the reality you face. Do you want to be an asset; a valuable team member? Then have the courage to accept correction. It’s a practiced skill that will give you the confidence to confront obstacles, adversities, and new concepts. Accept the correction.

Are you above reproach?

The response to criticism, whether constructive or abrasive, directly reflects character. Affects of body language and facial expressions are a glaring display of your thoughts. It expresses that you're beyond reproach; that you're detached. It exudes arrogance and that you think you know it all. When a trainer is addressing lackluster effort, when a coach is adjusting a play you created off a dribble- be aware of how you respond. Process and be intentional about what you display. Take the correction, make the adjustment.

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Aug 26, 2022

Spot on! 👍🏾


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