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Beginners, Ages 6-11

Foundations is designed to equip kids with the fundamentals of basketball. Our professional trainers create a fun learning environment for playing basketball. Focus areas include ball handling, passing, shooting, lateral movements,


Intermediate, Grades 4-6

MPOWR Basketball Academy is a youth basketball program designed for beginners new to the sport and with limited experience. Our professional trainer introduces concepts for playing basketball; ball handling, passing, finishing, shooting. Competitive play game days allow young athletes to apply what they’re learning and become more comfortable competing against a defender.


Advanced- Intermediate, grades 7-10

Young Protege Development League (YPDL) is the perfect alternative for athletes who want to dedicate more time to skill development or those not ready to join a basketball team. The YPDL is a competitive and developmental league for athletes with intermediate skill and experience. 

The YPDL is strategically designed to focus on high level game-translatable concepts that will challenge, elevate, and develop each athletes basketball IQ. Our objective is to meticulously insert the micro details of foundational principles that will lead to skill mastery. Athletes receive detailed evaluation feedback.


High school athletes receive basketball training at a high level. Each session is thought-provoking  and educates athletes by strategically redefining & reintroducing foundational principles. Athletes are pushed with intent & purpose. We understand basketball player development is a journey. The motivation is progress, not perfection!


Ambassadors is an exclusive group of advanced high school athletes ready to dive into their next level. This private high school training group is only for the committed & consists of 6 to 8 athletes. It's strategically designed to focus on high level, game-translatable actions - preparing athletes to adapt, attack, and execute. This is where you gain a competitive edge!

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Middle school athletes hungry to compete and develop their in-game play are invited to open runs. These structured runs introduce concepts and actions that help develop court and spatial awareness, defensive principles, and team dynamics. If you're in need of additional game reps, this is your solution! We're creating a culture of competition.


Skills Clinics & Basketball Camps have different focuses and are sometimes grouped as a series. These training opportunities are generally open to advanced elementary school athletes through high schoolers. Program details specify skill requirements.  Basketball camps are organized as two camps generally open to 1. advanced beginners in elementary school and middle schoolers; and 2. high school athletes. For beginners interested in basketball camps, we recommend joining the Basketball Academy. 

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Player Development is a process. We're here to provoke change & prepared to elevate you along every step. Now is the time to grow your discipline and determination. 

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