1. Complete our intake form, which is in the format of a user-friendly fillable pdf. Simply type your answers, save the pdf, and attach it to an email address to

2. After you submit your completed intake form, MPOWR will contact you to arrange a skills assessment. Skills assessments allow our trainer to have an accurate gauge on athletes' skill level, strengths, and areas of improvement.

3. Once your assessment is complete, our trainer will discuss the results with you. If you feel that training with us is a good fit and you'd like to move forward, we will discuss a permanent training schedule.


Thanks for your inquiry!


Can I make payments online?


MPOWR accepts payments online via PayPal. Our invoices also allow you to pay online. Other acceptable forms of payment are cash or personal check.

Do you provide Skills Clinics and Basketball Camps?


Yes. Our basketball camps occur during the summer for every level. Skills Clinics usually occur during the Spring. To be one of the first people to know when our clinics and camps are, subscribe to our newsletters.



What happens if I miss a training session


Services are billed monthly. If training is canceled your credit will be applied towards your next month's bill. The price will be adjusted accordingly. This information can be found in our policy.

For our monthly rate and programs such as camps, skills clinics, and team training, your account will NOT receive a credit or a refund for missed sessions. It is your choice how much you want to commit.