Choosing the right team for your athlete

Reputable, Respect, Domination

My experience as a young athlete is completely opposite from what athletes experience today. I grew up in a rich basketball culture. The reputation of teams proceeded itself. To hear a name was to know everything about it. It's like knowing 'Boo Williams', 'Compton Magic', 'Arkansas Hawks' and 'JL3'. They are powerhouses still to this day. Teams were built on trust and loyalty. They were reputable, demanded respect, and took pride in dominating. One of our mottos was 'walk softly, but carry a big stick.' We didn't have to be demonstrative or chauvinistic in how we carried ourselves. We were taught professional polish even as amateurs. Guidelines and standards were concrete. We didn't waste time on politics. Teams were legitimately selective. The Arkansas Hawks program used a vetting system. There weren't tryouts. We knew who would make the team based on their talent, athleticism, and grit. The basketball teams I was a part of (the Wings & Arkansas Hawks) and other well known organizations had a great system. I stayed with the same team from age 12-17.