Mentorship Provides a Roadmap to Life

Updated: Aug 28

Mentorship gives such an amazing balance to figuring out the roadmaps of life. It allows for dual perspective, which is always needed, and expands your village. Having a mentor that guides and teaches can be the deciding factor in how much strength they gain, the perspective they receive, and their determination to keep pushing. Mentorship is something I connect with, because I've seen and been a part of needing positive male role models. I know just how important it is.

Mentors turn into our influencers. Influencers have a deeper connection, beyond a temporary presence. I've gained so much wisdom, perspective, and principles to live by, because of them.

I've been blessed to have many significant influencers throughout my life. It's really helped to build my moral compass and ethical foundation. The standards that I've build my insight on