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Thank you for choosing MPOWR Training, a player development brand that’s proven!

MPOWR Training Policies detail company standards. It also provides athlete expectation and responsibilities.


  1. Every new athlete must complete a client intake form. New athletes will receive a mandatory training assessment. Training assessments are not the duration of a full training session. The assessment is 45 minutes with a fee of $65. 

  2. MPOWR Training offers individual, private, group, and team training. Training rates vary depending on the type of training you receive. 

    • Professional training, which includes NBA, G-League, and overseas players, consists of a well-constructed tier system that provides athletes with high quality player development that produces highly efficient training results. Individual professional training starts at $175 per session. Note: A 3 to 5-day minimum training commitment is required.

    • Individual training sessions are personally constructed player development sessions designed to target, develop, and enhance skills. Individual training sessions start at $87 per session. 

    • Private sessions consist of 2-8 athletes and start at $67. Group trainings of 9 or more athletes start at $47. Each session will be approximately 60 minutes in duration. Team training consists of 8 or more athletes. Each session will be approximately 60 - 90 minutes in duration, depending on your training objective. 

  3. Fees for home visits and travel will be added to the total training rate. Distance will be taken into consideration. Clients will be responsible for gym costs, gas mileage, and hotel costs (if any).


  1. Training sessions are billed on a monthly basis with a due date of the 3rd. Clients may not select which date their monthly training bill will be due. Monthly billing is our standard; bi-weekly or weekly payments are not accepted.

  2. Payment must be received for the entire month and is always due before the first training session. Failure to pay for services at the start of each pay period will result in termination of services rendered by MPOWR.

  3. Submit payment via online platform or paypal invoice. Invoices will be sent via email, so please add our address to your contacts to guarantee delivery. Payments to MPOWR do not include any gym entrance fees. Not all gym spaces will require an entrance fee. A 3% processing fee is added to each online payment.

NOTE: If payments are not submitted on the due date, a $35 late fee will be added to your invoice. If for any reason, you will not be able to make your payment by the due date, contact MPOWR immediately. Failure to pay for services at the start of each pay period will result in termination of services rendered by MPOWR.



  1. Session will begin promptly at the time discussed between the trainer & client. If the client arrives late, only the remaining time will be granted. Your trainer has the right to leave after 15 minutes if a client has not given any type of notice as to their whereabouts.

  2. Punctuality. Punctuality is essential to the success of training. Please arrive to the gym 20 minutes prior to the start time. It gives you the opportunity to prepare yourself mentally. This also allows you time to change shoes, stretch, etc.


  1. Athletes, parents, and guests must adhere to our court rules. For the safety of everyone, only athletes training at the moment and trainers are allowed on the court. Small children are not allowed on the court, even if they are supervised. Athletes not training at the moment are not allowed on the court to shoot-around, even during break times.

  2. Unless for an emergency, parents and guests are not allowed to interfere with training sessions. Interference of training includes providing input, attempting to correct, and attempting to reprimand. Parents and guests are allowed to attend training sessions to watch only. If a parent or guest’s behavior becomes distracting to an athlete, a member of MPOWR may ask them to return when training concludes.

  3. Athletes must bring their own ball and beverages.

    NOTE: Please provide your child the space to self-correct. Save reminders for after their training sessions to allow for full focus. Isolation in these moments provide the opportunity to build their mental capacity.



  1. If for any reason you need to permanently re-adjust your training schedule, please notify Tavarus Blanchard via phone or email 2 weeks in advance. (Permanent readjustment is not the same as a one-time rescheduling.) We will always do our very best to accommodate our clients’ schedule as long as client-trainer schedules coexist. Please note that during peak season, readjusting training schedules may not be possible. It is important when creating a training schedule that you can stick with that day/time.


  1. Commitment and consistency are very important as they produce results. Clients have (3) times to cancel and individual or private sessions before being removed from the training schedule.

  2. Please notify MPOWR directly if you need to cancel your training session. If you give less than a 48-hour notice, you will be responsible for the session and charged your regular hourly rate. A cancelation does not mean that your training session will be rescheduled for the same week or the following week. In most cases, especially during peak season, training will resume as usual the following session.

  3. Once a client cancels a training session, they cannot reclaim that training time. Often times when clients cancel, that allotted time is given to those on the waiting list.

  4. Please notify MPOWR 1 month (30 days) in advance if you wish to terminate your training service. This will allow us time to cancel your auto pay, if you’re enrolled.


  1. If you cancel in less than 48 hours of your scheduled session you will be financially responsible for the entire session. No credits will be given for that session. If no notification is given, resulting in a no-show, you are financially responsible for paying for the entire session. No credits will be given for that session.

  2. If you cancel more than 48 hours in advance or in the event that an MPOWR trainer cancels due to an emergency, you will receive a credit for that training session which will be added to your new monthly bill.

Example: A client pays for 8 individual sessions in the month of April. There was 1 session properly cancelled. Training continues the following week. The billing cycles starts over the next month with an invoice reflecting a credit of the cost of the cancelled session. If you book online through an appointment system, a discount code will be sent to you for your credit amount.

All credits expire 30 days from the date of the missed training session & can only be used for the exact service.


  1. Group sessions are heavily discounted from our standard training rate. Pricing plans offer a discount from the drop-in rate. They provide a set amount of training sessions you can attend. It's your choice to utilize your complete benefits. There are no credits or rollovers for missed group sessions. It’s your choice how many sessions you want to attend. In the event that an MPOWR trainer cancels due to an emergency, you will be given the opportunity for a make-up session


  1. In the event of inclement weather that prohibits training services from being rendered, make-up sessions will be allotted. Make-up sessions will be clumped together with other athletes. Training dates/times will be provided by MPOWR. You decide if you want to take advantage of the make-up session. If you decline, it is your loss. You will not receive a credit or money back for declining an inclement weather make-up session.


I agree that MPOWR is not responsible or liable under any circumstances for any direct or indirect injuries, loss, or damages that may occur as a result of training. This includes injuries sustained from athletes not correctly following trainer instructions and injuries sustained outside of training by athletes attempting to recreate training drills. I agree to:

  1. Not sue MPOWR, its staff, affiliates and/or volunteers, and

  2. Release the above from all possible liability and negligence.

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