MPOWR's goals is to empower student athletes' lives by providing them with an arsenal of skill and confidence. This aides in discovering their gifts. MPOWR is a positive structure. Through mentorship and athletic sponsorship we serve youth. Athletes look for guidance from someone who has successfully navigated the journey they're currently experiencing. Much like our professional careers, having a mentor to guide and teach us can be the deciding factor in how much strength we gain, the perspective we receive, and our determination to keep pushing. We talk to our athletes about various subject matters. All of which can be used as life lessons.


We are excited to expand our mentor program. Our student athletes have the opportunity to engage in

  • Youth outings

  • Forums discussing NCAA Clearinghouse, SATs, preparing for college recruitment

  • Workshops for time management, effective study habits, balancing student-athlete responsibilities, & SAT prep


There are many children and young adults with a hunger and desire to participate in basketball skill development training. MPOWR gives the opportunity for athletes to thrive despite their lack of resources. Athletic sponsorship is close to our hearts. It allows athletes to see what they're capable of and reminds them that their economic status doesn't dictate their destination.​

Athletic sponsorship is currently available to collegiate athletes who show commitment and sacrifice. Athletes who have a goal and work toward that goal exhausting every measure. 

Your donation helps give young athletes a sense of worth, competence, and the ability to move forward in their basketball career successfully and efficiently.

MPOWR has given over $5,000 in athletic sponsorship.

Your monetary contribution allows MPOWR to continue to serve our athletes effectively and efficiently. 

On behalf of everyone, Thank you!

MPOWR has given over $5,000 in athletic sponsorship. Partner with us to give the gift of skill development training.

  • $65 (private session)

  • $200 (a month of group basketball training)

  • $600 Monthly Summer Training (June, July, August)